Rebekah Fieschi

Rebekah Fieschi is an award-winning writer/director from Corsica. Her focus is to bring more entertaining, yet layered, character driven gothic horror and fantasy films to the screen while giving a voice to underrepresented characters.

With her production company, Horromance Productions, she strives to make low budget films that look like big budget movies while keeping the ecological impact of filmmaking in mind.

Her previous short, Mauvaises Têtes is streaming on Seed&Spark, Tru Indie and Prime Video. Her newest, Sylphvania Grove is currently in film festivals. Rebekah is currently developing her first feature film, Beast (working title), a psychological drama/creature feature that deals with abuse, trauma, mental health and perseverance.

Adam Harvanek

Adam Harvanek wrote his first screenplay over 20 years ago and directed his first short in 1999. He put off film school until 2007 though he eventually became an instructor. He has worked in nearly every facet of the filmmaking process including screenwriter, producer, director, editor and production designer.  He has collaborated with Rebekah Fieschi on many of her films, including Two Sisters, Mauvaises Têtes and Sylphvania Grove.




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